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Brooks Construction Company takes pride in providing a wide range of asphalt services for the private, commercial and governmental customers. From patching pot holes to the specialty surfaces required for airports, running tracks, tennis courts and major highway construction. Brooks Construction has a state of the art quality control lab that makes it possible for us to deliver a quality product that meets exact specifications.

Brooks Construction has 8 asphalt plants throughout northern Indiana to provide our customers with a quality product in a timely manner. We are environmentally conscious, we use recycled asphalt and steel slag in our asphalt mix when specifications allow. Our Fort Wayne Plant has the capability to run off of methane gas that we have piped to our plant from the local landfill. Not only does this help drive our cost to the customer down but it is also using products that may otherwise be wasted.

Brooks Construction prides itself in providing a superior product and customer service whether it be fixing a pot hole or doing a 500,000 ton highway project.

6525 Ardmore Ave.
Fort Wayne, IN 46809

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